Saturday, March 8, 2008

12th competition ( women activity )

the story behind

we had almost 1 year competition, amazing right? And we choose women activity as the next theme. It was challenging, Adi and Rita went to Bandung. I just take some photos in my way home from airport and one that i choose was taken from the car and the second photo i took with my cellular phone Nokia N73 on my way to the office.

the controversial and result

I won the controversial favorite winner. Why it called controversial? The other friends that not choose me were disagreed. They mocked me that my pic didn't fit with the theme. They said it wasn't an activity. I still don't know why they said it wasn't an activity. See this favorite winner picture:
our division's favorite photo - dekap kekasih ( embrace the beloved) - cesario tarigan

our division's favorite photo - jamu keliling (traveling jamu's seller) - rita dewi

(see picture in the below)

Well, at least they were happy that my pic didn't win the jury's voices. The jury are Aniceta Sabrina (Australia), Ir. Doni Irvan (Medan City), Ivan Peace (Jogjakarta City), Shinichi Kudo (Japan) all three are from and another two are from ASIALENS: Puji Rachmat and Umbo Karundeng. We have a new winner, Ichwan Hidayat. And had two persons in 2nd place. Here is the result:

1st place - koranku, rejekiku (my papers, my fortunes) - ichwan hidayat

2nd place - jamu keliling (traveling jamu's seller) - rita dewi

2nd place - menunggu kereta (waiting for the train) - adi kumara

3rd place - menyusuri jalan ( go along the street) - cesario tarigan

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