Saturday, March 8, 2008

2nd competition ( insects )

the story behind

I was hunting in my homeyard again, it was more difficult than flower. I could easily taking flowers pics because the flower are steady but the insects are moving. Finally i have some nice pics and ready for the next competition. Because there were 6 members, we had 18 pictures to compete for the 2nd competition. One by one members came to me and give their picture. They asked my opinion and asked to enhanced the pics. Some of the pics really amazing, i was doubt that my pics will be the winner. Adi kumara was the favourite among others. The night before competition begin, Jamie asked me to chooce 3 pictures and enhanced them, and hoping to compete with Adi's pics.

the result

In the morning I arrange the file name and distribute the pics and form to jury's participants. After the forms were returned to me, i was amazed, Jamie had most voices than Adi. I myself just able to reach the 3rd place. Here is the result:

1st place - dragonfly - jamie tan

2nd place - fuit's fly - adi kumara

3rd place - beetle - adi kumara

3rd place - lit upon - cesario tarigan

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