Thursday, March 27, 2008

2nd year - eigth competition ( Night Photography)

story behind

Actually the theme was night watch, but night photography sounds better ;-) this theme a pretty hard to try. But i have 9 photos from 5 members ready to compete at March 25th. I didn't join the competition for this time and next 2 competitions.

the result

When the first time i saw all the photos, i had guessed who will be the winner. The first round all the photos were distributed to our division. Ichwan Hidayat have the most voices: 10 from 14 friends. His photos jakarta in the night had 6 voices, and the second is still his photos; monas had 4 voices. The third is siluet patung (statue's silhouette) had 2 voices.

The second round was external jury. The jury are Ardia, Budi&Petrus, Sudrajat and Suwandi. The result was same with the first round. Ichwan Hidayat had 19 points = jakarta in the night (10 points), monas (9 points) and the third is siluet patung (statue's silhouette) 3 points. Incredible!!! We have a new winner in this 2nd year competition with a great result.

1st place - jakarta in the night - ichwan hidayat

2nd place - monas (monumen nasional-national monument) - ichwan hidayat

3rd place - siluet patung (statue's silhouette) - adi kumara


photonow said...

Hello Dear ..
Feel much pleasure to your blog.
Thank you very much.

jombond said...

greetings there..

ho.ho.ho.., it's really awesome..,
this is WOW..!!!
I'm speechless here look straight your photos..,
how wonderful jakarta at night by you guys there ha.ha.ha..,
cover up the "original" jakarta at the sun up right.. ha.ha.ha.., kidding..
i'm not suprised if you guys the winners of the competition.., congratulations there...
anyway i want to take some of your photos for me..,
i mean for my compie he.he.he..,
with your permissions surely..

thanks there...

Miah Laborte said...

cool photos... :) like the first one...

shimumsy said...

pretty pictures. it's really a talent.

rizky said...

Mantap sekali hasil Jpertannya.... salut da...

Gudang Kambing said...

your fotos is real good

cathara said...

thanks for droppin by my blog... hi there too! i think your photos are artistically taken. i wish i got dslr:(

-catea here.