Saturday, March 8, 2008

2nd year - fifth competition ( fish )

the story behind

In December, i planned my wedding that will held in Pangkal Pinang and Pagarawan - Bangka Island on 15th and 16th. So when we already choose the next theme was fish, i trusted my friend Jamie and Ichwan to arrange the next competition. That because i will took holidays until 25th.

the result

The first day after wedding's holiday, in the office i asked them about the competition. O la la... they said not yet. Actually i really disappointed, but at this point i thought if not me to roll the competition and who else is gonna be? And then, i asked Ichwan to distribute to other friends all the forms to choose their favorite. This time i didn't join the competition. And, wow at last Adi Kumara was a new champion after 16 total competitions. Here is the result:

1st place - ikan lurik bali - adi kumara

2nd place - ikan koi - adi kumara

3rd place - aku, dia dan teman2ku (me, others and all my friends) - verawaty