Saturday, March 8, 2008

2nd year - seventh competition ( silhouette )

the story behind

Well, this is the last competition that were held in our club. Actually in February we planned to have 2 competitions (beverages and imlek). But untill almost the end of the month, there weren't any participants. So we agreed to change the theme to Silhouette.

the result

Because the time limit, i only asked my friends at asialens to be the next jury. And three were aggreed: Sudrajat Pena (Bogor city), Ardia Ovidius (Padang City) and Suwandi (Jakarta city). And we had two members in 3rd place, here is the result:

1st place - anak anak (children) - Cesario Tarigan

2nd place - tanah lot - cesario tarigan

3rd place - merenung (muse) - jamie tan

3rd place - nyiur melambai (coconut's tree waving) - rita dewi


soreal said...

wow, the phtos are amazing!!I'm a bit of a frustrated photographer hehe I wish I can capture shots as lovely as yours^_^

Cesario Tarigan said...

Hi Soreal, i was so frustated too. But with learning by doing and learning from more experienced photographers you will get more skills. Keep trying :-)

Faint" said...

amazing! really wowza i love the first and the 2nd pics they're really good,

Miah Laborte said...

very nice photos... wish i could capture photos like that.. hehehe.. by the way, are u a filipino cesario tarigan?