Saturday, March 8, 2008

3rd competition ( Independence Day )

story behind

With 7 members we had 21 pics in total. I really busy to arrange the next valuation. But i was happy to do. I was planning to take picture on some interesting places, but my parents had another plan. We were going to Merdeka Square with my little brother and sister for visiting a flower and fruits expo (left picture is the rose-apple fruit and Merdeka Statue behind). Pheww.... fortunately there were some events to celebrate the independence day. Lucky me. I took some nice pictures in the expo and in the events (panjat pinang). Here some pictures:

After leaving the square we were going to kalimalang. Usually there were some interesting events, but we were too late, the show was over but the street still too crowded. We used onether road and going home. I told to myself " i'm finish".

the result

After all the form all distributed and had been returned, i didn't make to the big three. I think i was choosing wrong pictures to compete. Here is the result:

1st place - ber 5 1 7 an (5 in 1 purpose) - yanto susilo

2nd place - iring iringan (parade) - jamie tan

3rd place - fight - jamie tan

3rd place - hias malam merdeka (independent's night decorated) - wilbert wetik

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