Saturday, March 8, 2008


Thank you for visiting our new blog. We have already posts our competition histories, sort story about each members, the Jury, e.t.c. You are free to leave your comments here at the posts or at the shoutbox on the right.

Even we are Indonesian people, we choose English language for our blog. The reason is simple, we want the world know that we are exist. We hope our jury that had participate in our past competitions want to participate in our next competitions.

the next theme

We have chosen the night watch for the next 2nd year - eight competition. The theme is to take a picture of night's indoor scenery. There is no limitation of the object. The next competition will be held on March 25th. If you have any interest to be our next jury please send an email to And please visit our blog again for the next news of our club.
Thank you