Saturday, July 5, 2008

2nd Year - 11th Competition (Beverage)

For this competition we ask our friend from blogspot: Benang Sutera (brunei), Karole Joseph M. Torres (Philipines) and Digital Polaroids (Argentina). There are three and one from Roy de Vogel (Netherland). And we have 7 photos to compete. The object of the theme is easy to find, because we need to drink everyday. But to take a good picture maybe must have a sense of art and practices.

the result

We have one person for the first and second places and three persons for third places. So everyone who collect their photos have points. Here are the winner

1st place - so freshhh - cesario tarigan

2nd place - tea for you - cesario tarigan

3rd place - reflection - adi kumara

3rd place - bening (clear) - david rinto

3rd place - yummy - jamie tan

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