Sunday, December 14, 2008


After 3 weeks of hard work at the office, i try to post some photos here. It taken from previous competition of fruits. I believe that everyone here know that almost all fruits are healthy. Here is some explanation about it.

Fruits are one of the most healthy foods who exist on this planet. They provide us powerful health benefits although are easy to obtain. A fruit contains a large number of vitamins, minerals and plant phytochemicals that protect and even restore health of humans. Even more, scientific studies proved that eating the whole fruit is best to obtain heath benefits rather than using man-made supplements to provide each nutrient separately.
Fruits taste very good but also can prevent a lot of diseases, protect the brain and even can help us to lose some weight. In our present world we are exposed to many toxins produced and eliminated in Earth’s environment by industry, cars, so called agriculture improvement methods like chemical fertilisation and pesticides using or even artificially produced food and perfume. Even more, we are tortured daily by a lot of mental stress, our brain is permanently working to keep pace with every day work and worries. This generates a chemical imbalance in our body. The toxins can be accumulated in the human organism due to prolong exposure to them. This leads to diseases like cancer, diabetes or heart problems. On the top of that in this conditions the human body ages prematurely and gain the inability to break down fat in both men and women.
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Here are some fruits photography from our previous competition (click to enlarge)