Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paintball is FuN

Guys, do you want an interactive game? Try Paintball, it’s a game that looks like sport plus mind game and strategy game. And you can play it with your family and/or friends. It’s a tense but a lot of FuN game!

Usually we make into 2 teams and then we split and hide. When we hide and discuss how to seek the other team, it’s like a war game. While we seek the other team carefully, the tense become strong. And then we found something moving, shoot… shoot… shoot…

Wow, we feel tense and sometimes fear, but in the end… trust me, it’s a lot of FuN!

No, it’s not dangerous, you will play with mask and gear that make your game is safe. There are a lot of type of gear in the paintball, such as mask, hoppers, barrels, Gun, tactical vests. Where to buy? I know one site that have a lot of paintball gear to meet your satisfaction. It’s Ultimate Paintball

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