Sunday, April 5, 2009

Increase Pagerank

In the end of March, i still saw my page rank is 3. But in early April i got PR 4!!!!

Wow, incredible... i don't know how long it will stay until my PR back to 3 again (it sounds like pessimistic). But, maybe some of you doesn't know or care about the Pagerank. I have a video for you, check it out :


Great videos, i give you the summary how to increase pagerank :

1. Post articles regularly, one per day or more.
2. Visit more blogs, or site and join forums. Put your link in there.
3. Submit to search engine directories.
4. Post a specific articles, hot news, photos and videos.
5. Make friends, they will make links to your blogs. And do the same.


Neil said...

Congrats to your page rank increased 3 to 4. I read all the information which you are given in the post and the video also help me to work hard to increase our page rank as well. Page rank summary was good. Keep it up.
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lin said...