Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

For everyone that celebrate Christmas, wish you merry merry Christmas. Hope you all having a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

It's Christmas time, and i enjoyed all the celebrations with my family. The last time was today 26th December in my church: GPIB Pilar Asih, Bekasi. It's a Christmas's celebration for kids. So me and my wife was going to church 11pm to accompany my son, Baren. The celebration took 1 and half hour and he was given some presents. That was lovely.

We had to go earlier than others, because my son was too sleepy. We were walking back home with the rain were falling apart from the sky.

I can't share some photos this time, but i will shared some photo that i took from my mobile phone. i guess i have to buy a new pocket camera. A small one. Canon maybe? One of Ixus series?

Hmm.... i'll think about it.