Friday, February 17, 2012

MindBOX Productions

Everyone including me, wanted to have beautiful memory saved in a video and photos. I want to talk about photography, because i used my camera several times for my office events or family events. When you saw photos of events, you will very disappointed if the photos are blur, over exposure or too dark or missing some important moments. That is very important, because the moments will never return again.

To have someone who have ability to meet our expectation is not easy. We need someone who have many experiences with cameras and events. Especially we need to capture our products for commercial purpose. We don’t want to hanging pictures of our products that blur, over exposure or too dark, don’t we?

MindBOX Productions have their veteran photographers to meet your expectations. They have ability for Commercial Product Photography and they have photography studio that is highly competent and versed on industrial product photography

If you have products, and you want to have best quality images for your products, you need to contacts MindBOX Productions. You can send your products to their office, with very simple steps. Austin Photography is a marketing resource for photography services. Photo services enable you to save memories by professionally recording wedding services or other memorial events for family or commercial interests. Professional photographic technicians can employ digital and film resources to provide useful assets for your presentations.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

For everyone that celebrate Christmas, wish you merry merry Christmas. Hope you all having a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

It's Christmas time, and i enjoyed all the celebrations with my family. The last time was today 26th December in my church: GPIB Pilar Asih, Bekasi. It's a Christmas's celebration for kids. So me and my wife was going to church 11pm to accompany my son, Baren. The celebration took 1 and half hour and he was given some presents. That was lovely.

We had to go earlier than others, because my son was too sleepy. We were walking back home with the rain were falling apart from the sky.

I can't share some photos this time, but i will shared some photo that i took from my mobile phone. i guess i have to buy a new pocket camera. A small one. Canon maybe? One of Ixus series?

Hmm.... i'll think about it.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Photo Mosaics

Maybe one of you have already known what is Mosaic. But I will give you the explanation about Photo Mosaics. Mosaic is a decorative design or a composite picture made by setting small colored pieces, as of stone or tile, into a surface. Photo picture mosaic is the process or art of making such pictures or designs.

Some of you maybe already have photo mosaics gift or have personalized photo gifts ideas. There is one place that fit your satisfaction: Picture Mosaics

You can visit for online purchase. The Picture Mosaics is leading in the industry, and push the mosaic concept to the creative and technological edge. Many other mosaic companies cheat by superimposing or "ghost" the source image on top of the mosaic or add excess amounts of colorization; this creates a fake or untrue mosaic. Picture Mosaics is continually making advances and upgrades to their mosaic algorithms (ie. advanced shape recognition) and techniques as we find new mosaic challenges. Here is a sample of their Photo Mosaic :

Thus, whenever you have personalized photo gifts ideas or digital unique custom or presents unusual custom or maybe collages picture mosaic gifts, just trust your ideas to Picture Mosaics. Because Picture Mosaics is the first and only company to offer such unique and affordable art.

If you want a creative and incredibly original idea that resonates the "wow" factor exists in many forms in your Photo Picture Mosaics, don’t hesitate to visit Picture Mosaics. The best that you can get.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Image Comparer

I like to take multiple shoots, sometimes for 1 object I take more than 5 shoots. It give me choice for get a best picture. Especially for moving objects like insects or in sports and dance events. If you choose not to use multiple shoots, perhaps the most important or the unique one will not recorded, and trust me you will regret this.

But… yes there is one thing that make it sometimes feel like wasting time. When you choose 1 from 5 photos, it’s easy. Sometimes in just 1 sports event, I took more than 300 photos. Imagine how long do I take to choose some good quality photos from 6 days sports event in multiple sports competition. More than 2.000 pictures, yes bore and tire….wasting time.

I found an amazing software, a duplicate photo finder, it’s Image Comparer. It can find and compare your photos, with a good analyze. You just use this software and browse to your folder and the software will find duplicate images. It really help! I recently give it a try, you can download a free trial.

If you want to use or maybe you are just like me, that love using multiple shoot, you need picture comparison. Image Comparer it’s a software that will really help you, buy the license software, it far more cheaper than your time that wasted just for find duplicate images.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Photography Courses Online

Since this is a blog about photography, I like to talk about photography. Photography is fun to do, you can capture important moments, beautiful scenes or capture your beloved family and friends. You can store and print your photos from time to time. And you can view it again to repeat the memory by see all that photos.

Whatever you are, serious or just a hobby, you need a guide. You can cry over a spoiled photos, but it won’t change anything. The moments had gone.

There is a Photography Schools that will guide you. The New York Institute of Photography established in 1910 is the right choice for your photography guide. Even The New York Institute of Photography located in New York but the institute has students from over 50 countries. And you can learn online from The New York Institute of Photography.

It’s make us easier to learn, especially if you only have a little time. Thus you can learn in your spare time, after work or study or after take care your children.

If you like black and white photography, you can learn that in The New York Institute of Photography. Many experts will guide you for the best result and you can talk with you advisor to ask questions.

The New York Institute of Photography has three great photography courses: NYI Complete Course in Professional Photography, Digital Photography Complete Course: Adobe® Photoshop® for Photographers and NYI Short Course: Fundamentals of Digital Photography. Every courses will guide you from distance with flexible time and the important thing is you have experts to guide you.

In the end, you photography skills will be much better. And if you want you can compete in the serious level. Make money… and your investment are back to your pocket.

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