Saturday, March 8, 2008

11th competition ( flower part 2 )

the story behind

We had difficulty when choosing our next theme. It had to be easy to find object but still challenging. Finally we come up with an idea, why don't try the flower again for the next theme and using it as an evaluation for the members. We all agreed.

the result

Me and Adi still had a strict competition, and again Adi's pics was the favorite among members. The first round result was that my pic choosen as the favorite by our division with tight score:
our division favorite photo - deep inside - cesario tarigan
( see picture below)
And the external jury result didn't made Adi pics as the winner. The jury are Amelia Wirogo, Janette Najoan, Zulfikli (Gorontalo city) all three are from and Dodi A.S. (ASIALENS). Here is the result:

1st place - berkembang sendiri (blossomed out alone) - cesario tarigan

2nd place - deep inside - cesario tarigan

2nd place - dragon floweret - adi kumara

3rd place - pesona si kuning (the yellow's enchantment) - verawaty

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