Saturday, March 8, 2008

2nd year - first competition ( work activity )

the story behind

we are moved to the 7th floor because our spaces were under renovation . But it wasn't stop us to begin the 2nd year competition. We choose work activity as the first competition. I agreed to not join two competitions in this year to allow other members compete eachother, start in this theme. Another friend was join the club, Verawaty.

the result

We selected the jury to choose the winner, then there were 4 persons. I was one of the jury, Dodi A.S., Farid Holle, and Ricki Witarsa. All the jury are from ASIALENS. And we have a new winner: Anglina, she has a talent. Here is the result:

1st place - memberi makan ayam (feeding chicken) - anglina

2nd place - my technician - david r. indrasto

3rd place - pengrajin perhiasan (jewelery craftsman) - adi kumara

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