Saturday, March 8, 2008

2nd year - second competition ( architecture )

the story behind

We arranged a plan to go somewhere for photo hunting. But only few members join the plan. With Aris Himawan as the guidance we were riding along the old town area in Jakarta. Only 4 members join this journey on Saturday: aris, adi, me, david, and jamie. We were taking photo at klenteng petak sembilan, Kali besar, Jembatan gantung, menara bahari and gedung fatahilah. The next theme is building, so we taking building's photo as many as we can. In next day Anglina has travel by herself to Fatahillah.

the result

We just asked our friend to choose for their favorite and then we pick the 1-2-3 rank from the score rank. And we have a new winner: Verawaty. And we have teo person in 2nd place and another two person in 3rd place. This was a nice big three. Here is the result:

1st place - peach in the sky - verawaty

2nd place - da vinci - anglina

2nd place - menara peninsula - adi kumara

3rd place - inside look - cesario tarigan

3rd place - castle - adi kumara

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