Saturday, March 8, 2008

8th competition ( Christmas & New Year )

the story behind

after joining i joined asialens (another photo club). After analyzed the last result we began to choose only external jury. The jury are from and asialens. We have another improvement with making our own polo t-shirt and hat. Here are some photo with our uniform, the photos was taken by my friend, Diana Felicia with my cellular phone.

the results

Christmas and New year was too tricky to judge. But we were believe that out jury will gave a good results. In this theme i tried another new technique that use bulb mode in my DSLR camera. I tried with candle, lamp and the last was a little fireworks. And use another macro shoot and telephoto techniques for another pics. The external jury are Robert Syukur (ASIALENS), Amelia Wirogo, Hanky Tanuwijaya and Herry (fotografer,net). Here is the result:

1st place - new year in bulb - cesario tarigan

2nd place - a little Christmas tree - cesario tarigan

3rd place - jaring (web) - yanto susilo

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