Saturday, March 8, 2008

7th competition ( fruits )

the story behind

Fruits are easy to shoot right? They won't moving, and some of them have beautiful colour. So we were choose this theme. Right now we have different type of assessment. We choose the jury and limited just 4 persons and 4 external jury who are friend from forum. The jury have to choose 1-2-3 rank but with their opinion. And the have an options to choose 1-2-3 bad ranking, The member that had bad ranking have a minus point/s.

the result

with the new concept, i begin to use new technics that i learned in Still life and new macro concept. And the result: I won whole the rank. Yes, 1-2-3 ranks. We have 4 choosen internal jury: Efi, Evalina Zebua, Ichwan Hidayat and Zulfikar. And 4 external jury: Amelia Wirogo, Hanky Tanuwijaya, Janette Najoan and Novi (all from Here is the result :

1st rank - buah berembun - cesario tarigan

2nd rank - bloody orange - cesario tarigan

3rd rank - orange's splash - cesario tarigan

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