Saturday, March 8, 2008

celebration and exhibition


still in the 7th floor, we agreed to buy a throphy for the winner and certificate/charter for the 1-2-3 rank in the first year competition. And then me and adi went to pasar baru and senen to buy those on Saturday. After all were complete, we celebrated the moment in pizza hut that placed in Silipi Jaya in front of our building. We took couple of photos there, here are some:


In there i talk about ideas to arrange an exhibition and buy some souvenirs. Both idea were accepted by all members. And there was a chance to make an exhibition, because i was one of committee for the 62th independence day celebration at our office. And then, I talked about it at the meeting, and our exhibition are proved. They give some spaces and lightning in 7th floor where the celebration's held.

2 days before the exhibition were hard work, i have to make 25 photos ready for the exhibition. 14 photos of our competition's winners. 11 more are: Rita, Aris, Jamie, Ichwan, Adi, Verawaty and David give 1 pic each. Anglina and me give 2 more pictures. 1 day before the exhibition open, we were working until 10:30pm (Adi, Aris, Me, Jamie and Ichwan).

And the 3 days exhibition begun. We were anxious of public opinion of our exhibition. We placed our cup and certificate in there. Well there were some people that sounds negative because none of other division than ours had participate. But i think that's not our fault, we still open for other division to join but none 'till now who join. Well, overall we were honored. All the hard work are worthed. Here are some pictures:

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