Saturday, March 8, 2008

first competition ( flower )

the judgment

This is it! Our first competition! Wow... we were so exciting and all of competitors collected their best 3 pics to my PC. All are 12 pictures. I arrange the name,title and i arrange the assessment form to the jury. The jury were all friends in my division that like to choose. The form itself consists of titles on the left and a blank spot in the right. The jury have to choose the best three according to their judgment. So they choose 1 pic for the best rank, 1 one the second and 1 for the third place.

how to make final result

The forms will be distribute to all jury's participants. They choose 1-2-3 rank, and than i collect them and make the average. 1st place have 3 points, 2Nd place have 2 point and 3rd place have 1 point. For example: bunga berkembang.jpg have 3 jury choose for 1 place, 1 jury choose for 2Nd place and 4 jury choose for 3rd place, thus bunga berkembang.jpg have 15 points ((3*3) + (1*2) + (4*1)).

the final result

After taking 1 day for all jury to make their choice, i begun to complete the final result. And then the result is . . . I WON! Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm the first rank and the 3rd in this very first competition.

1st place - bunga di halaman (flower in yard) cesario tarigan

2nd place - beautiful colour - jamie tan

3rd place - berkembang (blossom) - cesario tarigan

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