Saturday, March 8, 2008

first hunting

good advices from my sister

I tell you about my first hunting. Saturday morning, i woke up with spirit that i can do the best. Without read any literatures about photography, i just plan to take photos from any flower that i found. So i rode my motorcycle and begin move around the neighbourhood. After taking some pictures, i came home and transfer all the pics to my pc. Here some of them :

After adjusted some of them with photoshop, i felt proud. I told myself as beginner these pics really cool. I asked my sister Corry Tarigan about those pics. But i just disappointed when she said there is nothing so special. She said she expected a flower that so detail like she usually see in the magazines. First, i was arguing that she was wrong. Confusing, i looked some magazines and begin to analyze the pics especially flowers. And i found all the pics are so close up.

Lazy to go out, i just looking some flowers in my homeyard. And try couple shoot than realize that i had to use macro for the close up. Came to my room and translate some of new pics and ask my sister to choose. She choose one that she said not too bad. And i choose the rest of two. I saw again my best 3 pics, i thought those were good.

I came to work in the monday, and asked the other members about the progress. Some of them told me about their stories, Zulfikar said that he was to ashame to shoot flower. Some of his familiy were mocking, why have to shoot flower, is there no other object to shoot? David and Jamie had a some reason too. But the competition have to begin.

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