Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kodak EasyShare V610

I bought Kodak EasyShare V610, because i was amazed with the 10x zoom and blue tooth technology. Yes, you can take pictures and send it with blue tooth to computer, laptop or mobile phone that have a blue tooth device. And it's small, you can keep in your pocket. When you send the photo via blue tooth there are 3 size to choose. But the better quality have bigger Mb.

Announced in April 2006, the EasyShare V610 is Kodak's 'Dual Lens' model, using two lenses (and two CCD sensors) to give an extended zoom range without adding to the bulk of the camera. In the case of the V610 the lenses cover 38-114mm and 130-380mm respectively, giving a total 10x optical range (albeit one with a little gap in the middle), and earning it the 'World’s Smallest 10X Optical Zoom Digital Camera' title. The sleek, all-metal V610 also boasts a large 2.8-inch color screen, Blue Tooth, 18 scene modes and in-camera image corrections.

But can the V610's performance match its impressive design? Let's find out... starting as ever with the headline features and specifications.

38-380mm equivalent optical zoom range
2.8-inch, 230,000 pixel screen
6.1 million pixels
Favorites mode.
In-camera panorama stitching
The exclusive KODAK Color Science image processing chip
On-camera cropping, picture blur alert, auto picture rotation, and red-eye reduction
Twenty-two scene modes
Selectable exposure metering, exposure compensation, focus zones, ISO
28 MB of internal memory and SD card slot for additional storage capacity

This camera now belong to my parent, because i gave to my father last year. They using this camera when travelling to middle-east Asia (Israel, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, etc.) here are the examples:


Tina Coruth said...

Those are great photos. Does it take macros well?

mimi11460 said...

Now I know what kind of camera we are going to buy..Thanks.

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