Monday, July 14, 2008

Kodak LS743

I bought this camera in 2004, i forget which month. But i really like this camera, small but strong. The LS743 is extremely elegant, completely metal clad, and fitted with little LEDs that blink while the camera is powered on and turn on during some operations.The LS743 is a very compact and well-crafted camera that has few protuberances aside from its 2.8X zoom that extends 2 cm (0.8 inch) when the camera is powered on.

There are few external controls on the LS743. The top of the camera supports, starting from the left, the power switch which lights up blue when the camera is turned on. To its left, two thin slits cover the LS743's speaker.

All the other controls of the LS743 are on the back, arranged on either side of the 1.8 inch 134,000 pixel LCD monitor.The 4-way controller is on the right of the monitor, and a water drop shaped zoom control is fitted around it. And, unlike many other digital cameras, the zoom control has no other function besides controlling the optical zoom. The 4-way button serves to navigate menus and confirm selections when pressed in at the centre.

I use this camera in early competition on first year (please see). I didn't sell this camera, someone in my family still using it. And until today still work and make many good quality pictures.


Tina Coruth said...

Looks like a good camera!

Cak Goestaf said...

Laa ini dia..mau beli tapi ga ada uwiiiiittt .. he he he

yuva said...

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