Thursday, August 14, 2008

Indonesian Photographers Award

Award for Final Competition

For the final competition (12th) in the second year, we have more great jury. Most of them are Indonesian only Benang Sutera isn't Indonesian. He is from Brunei.
Thank you so much for being our jury, all the techniques, opinions and suggestions that they had given to us are such a big honour. We can't give them anything except this award and they deserve to put this award to their blog.

Here are our friends that become the juror:

5. Budimulja

6. Sudrajat Pena


Benang Sutera said...

Hello friend.. Tq very much for the award.. great competition and great pictures you have!.. thanks!

Euroangel said...

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added you there already!!! let me know if you're done adding..
thanks a lot...have a great day!!
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admin said...

Thanks for the award Bro
Great pictures, sorry for late coming


koekoeh said...

Congratulations for all winners!