Saturday, March 8, 2008

6th competition ( nature )

the story behind

Anglina join our club, so 9 members with 27 pics in total! WoW. After the last result, i still trust my friends to be the jury. That's because the next theme not to hard to choose. Nature or you can call panoramic beauty is simple. Taking the nature beauty and show them to the world. But taking its beauty not easy as to say. I was lucky to have traveled to Bali before the competition held. I choose my pictures, actually i didn't want my friends know those were from Bali. So i just choose 3 pics that i took in Dreamland beach, because the scenery not too specific.

the result

I won the 1st and 2nd place none of my friend choose my 3rd photo. Anglina was lucky too, she was traveled to Lampung and had the 3rd place. Yanto Susilo took the pic in University of Indonesia complex - Depok. Here is the result:

1st place - senja nan teduh ( a calm dusk) - cesario tarigan

2nd place - cipratan air (water splash) - cesario tarigan

2nd place - a little lake - yanto susilo

3rd place - sunset - anglina

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